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depressed, manic depression, sad, split in two, Bipolar
Don't know where else to go as I am "hidden" in M'S ROOM.
This morning I noticed a not so good need to move mood and shot up from bed as not to be rude to M. Only it backfired into him getting mad at me for getting out of bed and getting dressed. Or else..."how I did it?" I thought I just got up and dressed... as to avoid being rude to M.
Now he is in the other room and I am having little fits... calmed (only a little) by smoke then regurgitated by visiting M to check on how he's feeling and getting "attacked." It is as if I planned to sabotage his day when all I wanted was peace.

Breath.... My "heart" hurts. Or in abouts the area. Been having numbness and fainting spells to, but only momentarily.

Now I have to dodge thoughts... many bad bad thoughts.


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